Welcome to another installment of SR 101, a video series where a member of our staff will show you a specific portion of our platform and how it works.

Think of this column like a cheat sheet for those who prefer video to reading about things, even if that written content is astute, educational and/or written by me.

This week’s video: Episode 5 – Blast Messaging

Topic: In this video, our Account Manager, Jordan, will show you how club staffers can internally communicate on the platform with other staffers, entire teams and more.

How It Helps: One constant in any successful organization is communication, and club sports organizations are certainly no exception.

By utilizing the Blast Messaging feature, club staffers can quickly communicate with specific segments of their organization. Contacting particular teams, for example, can be done in one click. No more searching for email lists!

Best of all, notifications are instant, and to respond, users must go back through their profiles – meaning no lost or tangential email chains. This allows for more organized and efficient communication inside your club, which can help the organization’s efforts be more effective.

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