FAQ ImageOften, we here many of the same questions when discussing our platform with parents, coaches and student-athletes.

We thought we would share some of those with you in the hopes you gain a better understanding of how we assists student-athletes in the recruiting process.

Below are some of the FAQs were have heard.

Q: What is SportsRecruits?

A:SportsRecruits is a recruiting platform endorsed by US Lacrosse as its Official Recruiting Service Provider. Built with the help of US Lacrosse and the college coaching community, SportsRecruits provides players and parents with a suite of online tools that assists them in the recruiting process while maximizing their exposure to college coaches.

Q: Do college coaches use SportsRecruits?

A: Every college coach in the country is a registered user of SportsRecruits, giving users the ability to put their profile and video in front of any coaching staff in the country in a matter of minutes.

Q: What tools are offered?

A: Users fill out a profile that contains all of the information college coaches will need, including personal, academic and athletic information. While on the platform, you can use our Search feature to create a target list of schools, use our Built In Messaging System to contact the schools on your target list, and track all of your interactions with our advanced data and metrics. Messages to coaches include a link to your profile, meaning in one click a coach has everything they need to recruit you.

Q: How is SportsRecruits different than other “recruiting” sites?

A: At SportsRecruits, we firmly believe the most important aspect in the recruiting process is being proactive. With that in mind, we built a platform that allows you to get the most out of process by streamlining your activity and providing data around it. We are not here to promise you that schools will magically appear if you sign up. What we are here to do is provide you a platform that has worked for thousands of users who took control of their process using the tools available.

Q: Does it work?

A: Yes. Here is a look at our members who have used the platform and committed to a school.

Q: How do I get started?

A: To get started, simply email Help@SportsRecruits.com or call 212-414-8417 to speak to a representative.


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