2Summer event season kicks off soon!

It is imperative to make sure you have a plan going into the summer so the process can be less stressful and you can feel confident knowing you are in control.

Here are three things you should be doing to ensure you are on track to have a productive summer recruiting circuit.

1. Update highlight reel

Before you go to any events this summer, you will want to provide your target list of 20-25 schools with a highlight reel from your spring season. Need help pulling together your reel? We have build thousands of reels for our members. See those reels here. Coaches use this pre summer highlight reel to get a feel for your game.

2. Alert coaches about events you are attending

You are not going to recruiting events to be “discovered”. You are going to events to be seen by coaches who already know about you, have seen your highlight reel and have seen your academic profile. Before attending the plethora of summer events and showcases, make sure you alert coaches you will be there! That is the only way you can ensure you are on their radar before the event. As a SportsRecruits member, one click gives a college coach access to your video, full event schedule, academic information, etc. See a great article about the importance of being proactive before events here.

3. Gather film from events

The summer will fly by and will most likely feel like a blur. In August, you will want to provide your target list of schools with an updated highlight reel from your summer event circuit. You can see a list of events we will be offering Film + Highlight Packages at here. With coaches in their cool air conditioned offices in August, it is an ideal time for you to circle back and close the loop with some target schools.

Consider This…

Our members with video receive 11x more messages from college coaches than members who don’t have video. Be sure video is part of your experience this summer!

You can learn more about the ways SportsRecruits can help here.


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