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The Recruiting Closet Podcast

The Recruiting Closet Podcast: Episode 7 – The Power of Gamification in Recruiting, André Lennox

THE RECRUITING CLOSET PODCAST Top coach and recruiting coordinator André Lennox applies simple solutions to complex recruiting problems. Today we're talking to André Lennox, recruiting coordinator at Los Angeles Volleyball Academy (@lavacademy), or LAVA for short. Recruiting is a complex topic, and I know a lot of listeners are extremely motivated, extremely serious people -

The Recruiting Closet Podcast: Episode 5 – The 3 Pillars of Athletic Recruiting

THE RECRUITING CLOSET PODCAST Matt Wheeler breaks down the recruiting process This is a different kind of episode. Unlike the usual episode format, where we interview experts or unique people in the youth sports world, today we have Matt Wheeler, Co-Founder of SportsRecruits. Matt started SportsRecruits in 2009, after playing 4 years of college lacrosse

The Recruiting Closet Podcast: Episode 4 – How To Conquer The World, Michele DeJulius

THE RECRUITING CLOSET PODCAST  An In-Depth Discussion with Women's Lacrosse legend Michele DeJulius  On May 28, 2016, the United Women's Lacrosse League (the "UWLX") will kick off its inaugural season in Bethlehem, PA. Michele "DJ" DeJulius is the first Commissioner for the professional women's lacrosse league that she thinks is poised for greatness. That Michele

The Recruiting Closet Podcast: Episode 2 – Mike and Corey Winkoff, FLG Lacrosse

In Episode Two, we sit down with Mike and Corey Winkoff from FLG Lacrosse. The Winkoff’s have a ton of experience in the lacrosse space as players, coaches and administrators. In the podcast, they provide poignant commentary on a variety of topics including the early recruiting phenomenon, and provide salient advice for club owners, parents