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What Does September 1st Mean in the World of Recruiting? September 1st marks an important date surrounding communication between prospective student-athletes and college coaches at the Division I level. This is when prospective student-athletes and college coaches can start to engage in more serious conversations regarding recruiting. If you are in the high school graduating class of 2025, this information is extremely important! What

August 1st Has Passed for Rising Junior Prospective Baseball Athletes – Now What? Hopefully, you have taken the time to read our previous blog post detailing the importance of August 1st for baseball student-athletes, especially if you are in the class of 2025. This date allows NCAA Division I college coaches, to engage in recruiting discussions with student-athletes entering their Junior Year (class of 2025). This means that college coaches

NCAA DI Dead Period Extended to August 31st

On July 25th the NCAA Division I Council Coordination Committee has released updates regarding COVID-19 and how it will affect the recruiting process. They have decided to extend the recruiting dead period (as defined in NCAA Bylaw to August 31st. This means that there is no in-person recruiting between college coaches and prospective student-athletes