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September 2015

3 Ways to Distinguish Yourself

Often in the recruiting process, it can feel like you are lost in the shuffle of a recruiting event or team practice. You may not have had a great day, or you simply didn’t get the chance to showcase your skills. However, an off day does not mean you don’t have the ability to stand

Too Embarrassed to Ask: Why Are Players Committing So Early?

Welcome to the debut of our weekly column, “Too Embarrassed to Ask,” where we’ll examine a hot topic from the world of recruiting that parents and student-athletes may want to know more about, but may shy away from asking because it is considered assumed knowledge. Think of this column like a cheat sheet for those instances it is no longer acceptable to ask a question, say, having met someone three times but still not knowing their name. This week’s issue: Early Recruitment ...

The Importance of Video

In “The Importance of Video,” Part 3 of our 4-part Webinar Series “Engineering the Recruiting Process,” Sports Recruits Co-Founder Matt Wheeler discussed how vital video is to a successful recruiting process. In the Webinar, he touches upon how video has grown to become a necessity in the process, how having highlight reels and full games drive engagement with college coaches and how a proper distribution plan is a key to the process that often goes overlooked. You can watch the video below, and also read some of the interesting takeaways from the presentation.


FAQs for Integrated Club Members

Welcome to our platform! Your club has signed on because they recognize the value of having families and the club on the same page in order to make the recruiting process an organized one. Here are a few FAQs to help get you acclimated with the site. ...

3 Things to Consider About Sports Specialization

Youth sports participation is on the rise. With this increase in numbers has come in an increase in the competitive nature of travel teams, club teams and similar outfits. While this isn’t necessarily bad on its merits, there is something to consider: Often, this leads to an athlete specializing in a sport year-round. But is only playing one sport throughout the year, and dropping others to do so, a good idea? That decision is ultimately up to the athlete and family - and can come with enormous pressure (real or perceived). Here are three things to think about if you are considering specializing in a sport year-round. ...

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