Guide Players to Narrow Their Focus

Ultimately, the success (or failure) of each player’s recruiting process is up to the player. Players need to be proactive in reaching out to schools, going to events, and doing whatever they can to get in front of the right coaches.


But who are the right coaches? There are so many options in collegiate athletics. Each of these teams exist at a school with differing levels of academic rigor and general admittance standards. What programs should a player be pursuing the hardest?

You can have a tremendous influence on your players’ recruiting processes by helping them answer this question. Encourage your players to build a list of 20-30 target schools and you and your staff can then step in and Tag schools that you think are appropriate for the athlete on our platform.

This video will show you how you can instantly recommend schools for your student-athletes to view using the tag feature in our platform. Give your student-athletes the confidence they need to send a message to schools that are a good fit for them.

Perhaps this sounds like a small effort on your part, but our data suggests that the impact is huge. Of course you are going to Tag schools for your players because it is so simple. Across our platforms, players for whom their clubs made a list of target schools were significantly more proactive with their own recruiting process than players without target schools. This effect is apparent across all the metrics we measure, as players with a target school list suggested by their clubs:

-Are 2.1x more likely to build a target list of schools for themselves
-Contact 2.5x more schools. HUGE!
-Send 2.4x more messages to college coaches
-Are 1.6x more likely to complete their recruiting profile page and show it off to college coaches

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