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January 2010

Member Commitment: Kyle McCombe, Class of 2010, Ohio Wesleyan University

On the experience: Having Kyle's profile on made it so easy for coaches to see Kyle's highlight film. Not only were we able to contact coaches easily, but coaches also contacted us after seeing Kyle's tape on the website. Communications were made so much easier. It was also wonderful to be able to have take multiple game clips and turn them into a quality highlight reel that we were proud to show to potential colleges. ...

Member Commitment: Thomas Gavin, Class of 2011, University of Pennsylvania

On the experience: It is with pleasure that I write this testimonial on behalf of Establishing an account with made my son Tom’s recruiting process an easy one. is a simple and affordable way to provide college coaches with instant access to a prospective student athlete’s information. My son was able to respond quickly to coaches requesting information including video, transcripts and profile information by directing them to his account on This saved him a lot of time and effort which is at a premium in your junior year of high school. ...